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Working as a mental health professional has the potential to be extremely rewarding both professionally and personally, but without the right advice you run the risk of encountering numerous challenges along the way. Optimise Potential runs inexpensive, comprehensive workshops that succinctly cover everything Allied Health Professionals need to know about setting up a successful private practice.

  • Building and Marketing your Counselling Practice - Philip Armstrong & Penny Adams

    Is your dream to be financially independent and be your own boss?

    Many of us have the dream but what we are missing is the knowledge of the tools we need to make it happen. Optimise Potential can help you gain a complete understanding of what it takes to establish and manage your own private practice effectively. You see, you cannot succeed if the consumer is not aware of your services and effective marketing can help your business to stand out from the crowd, ultimately leading to financial independence and the freedom that brings with it.

    The Optimise Potential (OP) Marketing Workshop is an online Video workshop specifically designed for Allied Health Professionals, including counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers, who wish to develop and build a thriving small business. The Build a Practice workshop has successfully been delivered to ACA members for over 10 years.

    Now with 3 NEW BONUS videos by Penny Adams: Privacy laws, Online counselling, and Facebook business advertising. *The cost of the course includes GST.
  • Supervision Workshop Professional Recognition - Philip Armstrong

    The RISE UP Certificate of Attainment in Professional Supervision is recognised by the following organisations:

    • Australian Counselling Association
    • Australian Community Workers Association
    • Australian Hypnotherapy Association
    • Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
    • Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (Singapore)
    • Philippines Association of Guidance Counsellors
    • Counsellors Victoria
    • Professional Counselling Association NSW/ACT
    • South Australian Psychotherapy & Counselling Association
    RISE UP is an approved Clinical /Professional Supervision training program that meets the eligibility criteria for membership to the ACA Professional College of Supervisors. For further information on the college go to
  • Introduction to Supervision by - Tracey Milson

    The Introduction to Supervision Training is suitable for:

    • Those looking for registration as Clinical/Counselling Supervisors
    • Mental Health practitioners in private practice
    • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) who deliver welfare and counselling services
    • Qualified individuals looking to advance experience
    • Students undertaking courses in counselling, hypnotherapy, social work, psychology, massage, naturopathy or alternative medicine
    • As well as School Counsellors, Teachers, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers
    • Counsellors, irrespective of experience, wanting to gain more insight into the responsibilities of both the Supervisee and what they should expect from their respective Supervisors. this model is beneficial to Supervisors and Counsellors who find themselves providing Professional Supervision as part of their role and need to augment their proficiency with specific Supervisor training
    • As a foundation to Professional and Clinical Supervision for the Health, Allied Health and all practices of a similar nature whose members subscribe to a reputable Professional Organisation with a conditional component requiring Supervision
    • We offer our services to all Business’s and, Organization, Ngo’s and we will come to your workplace
    This workshop is approved by the Australian Counselling Association for 5 OPD points.
  • Philip Armstrong:

    If you’re looking for someone to make a great presentation, then Philip Armstrong is your man. Philip has over 20 years’ experience as a captivating speaker, having presented, facilitated and conducted MC duties at international conferences, workshops and events in Australia, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. Philip is known for his passion and ability to motivate audiences, and is able to draw on his vast life experiences to engage audiences and add that wow factor.

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