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Training Dates and Venues Around Australia/Customised Training

Training for the RISE UP Certificate of Attainment in Individual and Group Supervision course is also available in other States and Territories of Australia. A list of Optimise Potential licensed training organisations and dates of courses for 2020 is listed below. Courses dates and venues may change, or more courses registered to the below providers list. Therefore, we strongly recommend you go to the website of the listed organisation to see an up to date courses list with dates and venues.

Customised Training: Supervision training courses can be customised to fit the training requirements of NGO’s, and other Allied Health professions anywhere in Australia and Asia. In Australia, Optimise Potential has provided training for large organisations such as New South Wales Health for nurses and other health professions to training Supervisors for training organisations such as the Australian Institute of Family Counsellors. Training can be conducted at your venue or we can organise one for you. In Aisa, Optimise Potential has run training courses form psychiatrists in China, Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists in India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Send all enquiries for customised training or to organise training at your venue anywhere in Australia or Asia to

Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Regional

New South Wales, Sydney

Victoria, Melbourne

South Australia, Adelaide

Tasmania, Hobart

Northern Territory, Darwin

Western Australia