Introduction to Supervision


Introduction to Supervision by – Tracey Milson

The Introduction to Supervision Training is suitable for:

  • Those looking for registration as Clinical/Counselling Supervisors
  • Mental Health practitioners in private practice
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) who deliver welfare and counselling services
  • Qualified individuals looking to advance experience
  • Students undertaking courses in counselling, hypnotherapy, social work, psychology, massage, naturopathy or alternative medicine
  • As well as School Counsellors, Teachers, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers
  • Counsellors, irrespective of experience, wanting to gain more insight into the responsibilities of both the Supervisee and what they should expect from their respective Supervisors. this model is beneficial to Supervisors and Counsellors who find themselves providing Professional Supervision as part of their role and need to augment their proficiency with specific Supervisor training
  • As a foundation to Professional and Clinical Supervision for the Health, Allied Health and all practices of a similar nature whose members subscribe to a reputable Professional Organisation with a conditional component requiring Supervision
  • We offer our services to all Business’s and, Organization, Ngo’s and we will come to your workplace

This workshop is approved by the Australian Counselling Association for 5 OPD points.


AIM’s of the Course:

  • To provide course participants with the necessary knowledge, which when combined with appropriate practical experience, serve as a foundation for a career as a Professional Supervisor.
  • For a clinically competent Practitioner to function effectively in working and thinking at the level of a Supervisor, as guide for learning and development processes, educator, organiser, innovator/researcher & mentor.
  • To provide certified training of a high standard, content integrity and in line with Industry requirements to maintain & support high ethical standards and degrees of competency in the Allied Health industry.
  • To equip Supervisors with the competencies requisite for dealing with the 21st century issues of Clinical Supervision.
  • Course sizes limited to provide optimum personal education and group cohesion.


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