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Optimise Potential is the brainchild of Dr Philip Armstrong, an internationally renowned expert in Supervision and Business Building. Philip has a strong reputation for excellence and is known as a dynamic presenter and advocate for mental health.

Our highly skilled and qualified team delivers training courses and workshops for professionals looking to develop themselves professionally or start up a small business.

Optimise Potential is Australian owned and has been developing and delivering training courses and workshops for over 20 years, in five countries. Optimise Potential established its reputation as an innovator in the field of mental health and is now bringing its experience into the corporate sector.

Optimise Potential is the originator and designer of the unique RISE UP model for supervision, a model based on evidence-based research. The RISE UP model is used in by mental health experts in five countries and is endorsed by peak professional bodies in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India and China.

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About Leading Australian Counsellor/Presenter Philip Armstrong

Founder of Optimise Potential and the RISE UP model, Dr Philip Armstrong is an internationally sought-after speaker and presenter. He is internationally recognised for his work in Mental Health and his expertise in supervision. Philip has published three text books and has keynoted and presented at conferences in Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, the Philippines, India and Italy. Philip has been featured on TV and radio, as well as in digital and print media across the globe, including Vogue, Cleo, The Financial Times and The Age.

He is best known in Australia for his advocacy in counselling and the continued development of supervision within the health and corporate sectors. He is passionate and non- compromising in his advocacy for access to mental health services for veterans and first responders. Philip is the founder and editor of Australia’s only peer-reviewed paperback counselling journal, “Counselling Australia”, which has been in print since 2001.

Optimising Your Potential – Achieve Your Best Self

Since 1995 Philip Armstrong has provided counselling and psychological therapies in order to motivate and inspire people from all walks of life, allowing them to discover their most authentic and valuable selves. He has worked with a vast range of clients including abused children, veterans, new parents, lawyers, pilots, mental health professionals, GPs etc and has helped many thousands of people to move past their personal limitations and find peace of mind and personal success. Philip has now moved into the corporate sector to address these same issues within the workplace through his RISE UP model of supervision.

Some Achievements and Significant Positions Held by Philip:

2019: Keynote to Psychology Faculty at Madras University, India
2018: Awarded position of Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow of University of South Australia
2018: Keynote at the First Shenyang International Psychiatry Forum in China
2018: Trained first cohort of Clinical Supervisors in India
2018: Trained first cohort of Clinical Supervisors, Beijing, China
2018: Course Advisory Committee, Bachelor and Masters Degree in Counselling at AIPC
2017: Published: ‘Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision 2nd ed’: Philip Armstrong, Nadine Pelling, Australian Academic Press (2017)
2017: Keynote, Bologna, Italy at Congress for Psychotherapy (Italy)
2017: Course Advisory Board, Master of Counselling, Divinity University
2016: Chair, Industry Reference Group, Community Services, under the Department of Education
2016: University of South Pacific (Fiji), curriculum development for Counselling qualifications
2015: Introduced Supervision training to Philippine Counselling and Guidance Association
2013: Member of the Monash University Review Board for Masters of Counselling degree
2013: Member of Cairnmillar Institute Review Board for Masters of Counselling degree
2011: Member of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration Interdisciplinary Group
2011: External review board for Monash University (Master of Counselling)
2011: Course advisory board, AIPC Bachelor of Counselling
2011: Course advisory board Australian Institute of Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology
2009: Published ‘Practice of Clinical Supervision’: Philip Armstrong, John Barletta, Nadine Pelling, Australian Academic Press (2009)
2006: Published ‘Practice of Counselling’: Philip Armstrong, Nadine Pelling, Randolph Bowers, Thomson Nelson (now Cengage), 2006
2006: Attorney Generals Department (Industry Reference Group), Skills Training Council to develop Vocational Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy

Your Success is Our Success

Each and every staff member at Optimise Potential has been hand-picked by Philip for their passion and professional commitment.

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