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Is your dream to be financially independent and be your own boss?

Many of us have the dream but what we are missing is the knowledge of the tools we need to make it happen. Optimise Potential can help you gain a complete understanding of what it takes to establish and manage your own private practice effectively. You see, you cannot succeed if the consumer is not aware of your services and effective marketing can help your business to stand out from the crowd, ultimately leading to financial independence and the freedom that brings with it.

The Optimise Potential (OP) Marketing Workshop is an online 3hr workshop specifically designed for Allied Health Professionals, including counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers, who wish to develop and build a thriving small business. The Build a Practice workshop has successfully been delivered to ACA members for over 10 years.


Your presenter is Philip Armstrong, CEO of ACA and founder of Optimise Potential. Philip is considered to be a leading expert in Marketing small businesses and has over 20 years experience in this area. Philip has run several successful businesses including a very successful Private Practice and has won several prestigious awards for his work, including Quest Newspapers Business Achievers Award for his Private Practice. What makes this workshop valuable is the presenter has himself run a successful private practice for over 15 years and has successfully mentored other private practitioners. Philip comes from a hands on perspective learnt from real practice over several decades as a therapist. There is not another marketer in Australia who comes with this sort of first hand industry experience. There are a lot who follow in Philip’s footsteps, but it doesn’t get any better than coming from the person who started this all in the mid 1990’s.

Workshop Outline:

Consumers will pay for counselling services regardless of rebates if your marketing is effective and speaks to them. Cost is not a factor for many consumers. The Optimise Potential Marketing Workshop will teach you how to attract clients and build your business using real life strategies. The evidence is clear, its not your CV, qualification or cost that will attract clients, its your marketing and what strategies you use to convert an enquiry into a client that counts.  This workshop will address these issues.

This workshop is approved by the Australian Counselling Association for 16 OPD points.

We understand that many new practitioners have little money so we have cut this workshop to the bone in relation to profit margins so there are no discounts are available for this workshop. 

Topics Covered:

Your presenter is a recognised industry leading professional who will guide you through the following topics during the one-day workshop:

  • The Therapist (the many non-therapy hats you wear)
  • Butterfly Effect; Everything you do has an impact
  • Defining Your Market; The market is a lot bigger than you realise
  • Marketing strategies; Attract business beyond one on one counselling
  • Understanding Wording from a Marketing Perspective: Does your marketing speak to your potential market
  • Niche Markets; Market demand is for specialists not generalists
  • Tangible V Non-tangible services; The difference is huge
  • Online Therapy – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Brochure design – the rules; Your first impression may be your last
  • Website Design; Myth or fact-Can a website generate business
  • What Is the Consumer Looking For?;
  • Keeping Clients (being good is not good enough on its own)

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance* after completing the course quiz .

(* Participants need to score above 80% and complete all modules of the course 100% to be eligible for the course certificate)